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I help churches learn to communicate in today’s highly connected, highly social, media-rich world.

Church Communication Activist.
Web Developer.
Social Media Specialist.
Video Producer.

Hi, I’m Barry Whitlow. Over the past fifteen years I’ve had a number of professions, but I’ve really had only one job – helping churches use technology and the Internet to accomplish their mission.

CHURCH COMMUNICATION. My passion. In today’s media-rich highly connected world, if the Church doesn’t get communication right, we lose.

PASTOR. I’ve served three churches as pastor; and as an administrative pastor & media director at a large church in Colorado.

WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGNER/DEVELOPER. I’ve helped churches launch and manage websites and social media pages that engage the visitors and help their church grow.

VIDEO PRODUCER. I’ve produced videos that have helped churches raise over $6 million in capital campaign/building expansion funds, and have produced custom sermon video illustrations for some of the largest churches in the country.

CHURCH CONSULTANT. I’ve helped a variety of churches create better systems to better organize their ministries in order to accomplish their mission and grow.

MINISTRY INNOVATOR. Founder/Pastor/Producer at – an online focused ministry that’s being designed to reach people in today’s highly connected world.

Barry Whitlow





Studio Church (Founder/Pastor-Producer)